Apple – 1984 introducing Macintosh

This is one of the most famous commercials ever made. Apple released the Macintosh computer in 1984 by referring to George Orwells book 1984. In this book the society is controlled by Big Brother. The people follow the propaganda of their rulers. This is what they watch and hear night and day. They do not have a mind of their own and are emotionless and hatred for the past and other societies other than their own.

Apple is the woman in red shorts who gives the emotionless computer generation back their freedom with the macintosh computer. The man on the big screen is Big Brother. In this period IBM was the main competitor of Apple. So Big Brother is IBM and the people watching ‘Big Brother’ are the users of the IBM computers.

The videos was released on 22nd January 1984 during the Third Quarter of the Super Bowl

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